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They are all gorgeous and it has been a difficult decision to make, but the Flora one is the one!!! GORGEOUS and just perfect with my dress :)

more photos here :


The necklace Rosie made me was to celebrate my 20 year anniversary with the company I work for.  She took some lovely earrings that I used to wear when I 1st joined all those years ago and made something truly wonderful and unique.  The colour combinations are wonderful and every time I wear it I will think of all the wonderful friends and happy times I have had over the last 20 years.  Thank you Rosie.  

"Thank you for my beautiful headpiece. I adored wearing it on my wedding day in April. Your work is so beautiful and unique." Lucy Prodger.
Check out the story of the romance that led upto what i personally consider the perfect wedding.

I had lots of comments about my hairband and how it tied in so naturally with my hair and dress and it was so comfortable I couldn't even tell I was wearing it all day.  It was truly wonderful and I can't thank you enough for you kindness in helping me piece together 'the look' which was perfect - the extra detail such as the silver six pence was lovely. It was a lovely touch and the hairband worked just perfectly with the dress. Beverley


 The headpiece was absolutely stunning and it went so well with my dress.

Thanks for sharing your talent with me!

Sally x


It is perfect! Thanks Rosie. I love it.Very happy !Thanks again for the beautiful headpiece xx Hannah Bellamy

"My friends commissioned a necklace for me as a wedding gift, something I can remember our friendship by when I move overseas shortly. Rosie and I settled on something I'd never seen before: an intricately carved cameo of a stag and a doe made of antler. She used this as a starting point to weave her own magic, and the final piece is beautiful. It is really special to know that it was made with me in mind."
Christina Dahm
  In late December our 41year old beautiful friend, Sarah died.This this was the day after her daughter Darcie`s 6th birthday.
All her friends here in France wished to do something special for Darcie rather than to send flowers. Perhaps a keepsake?
I began a search on the internet. I knew that to just buy a piece of jewellery here would not suffice.
I came across Rosie Weisencrantz and was blown away by the uniquness and sheer beauty of her “works of art“ and when I saw that it was possible for a bespoke piece I e-mailed her with details of what I was looking for. I honestly did not know if I would get a reply.
I DID within the day, Not only had she read the story of this courageous mother, she came up with appropriate ideas and  suggestions and had sourced items from USA within days .The one thing we wanted was pink flowers (Darcie wished to take pink flowers to heaven to give to her Mummy)
Rosie and  I worked together on this piece via email, with lots of ideas, suggestions and communication to and fro. Her suggestion to give this to Darcie as a gift for another occasion was PERFECT.
This resulted in the most beautiful UNIQUE necklace with  pink fowers and sparkle, quite the most special thing I have ever seen and  I know that this would have been Sarahs choice.
(I remember her trying to explain to a French man what bespoke meant!).  She had a special taste and was a classy lady.
The necklace arrived on time, everyone loved it, as did Darcie when we gave it to her on our next visit at Easter .
This is something she will wear on special occasions, will never date and will hold her mum close to her (there are 4 photographs inside the 3 lockets) and also  remind her of her friends in France.
It reflects the care & attention that Rosie has put into this .
We are more than pleased and I know Sarah will be smiling down on it. itrly  never mind the special occasions ….which makes me smile .

Thank you Rosie!!!

“Rosie is a highly inventive creative individual who creates new pieces of costume jewellery using vintage bits and pieces. . She made a beautiful necklace for me out of a favourite broken vintage brooch.Every piece she creates is a one-off. I now have a small collection...”

Tania Hummel

Rosie is a very talented designer with a meticulous eye for detail

Yvonne Fuchs

"Every time I wear my Jesus necklace people ask me who made it. It gives pleasure to everyone who sees it and I have had some
extraordinary encounters as a result of wearing it. I've taken to
carrying Rosie's business cards with me so that people can go straight
to her website. "

Aldyth Crowther

I commissioned Rosie to make a necklace for my fiancée, and I was truly delighted with the results. It is a beautiful, unique piece that is very much suited to its recipient. Thanks!"

Luke Razzell

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